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The Orthopaedic Surgery Department is responsible for the provision of clinical, academic, and professional education and research in orthopaedic surgery.
Our acting head of department is Mr MN Rasool, who is also head of the paediatric orthopaedic unit in Durban.
The department trains undergraduate, postgraduate, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nursing students , as well as supernumerary doctors from various countries within Africa.

There are 2 academic centres - Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Mr ME Senoge is the head of the academic unit in Pietermaritzburg.

The Durban metropolitan service consists IALCH, King Edward VIII, Prince Myshiyeni, R.K.Khan, King DinuZulu and Addington hospitals with outreach services at Mahatma Ghandi hospital.
The Pietermaritzburg service consists of Greys, Edendale and Northdale Hospitals.

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