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Jennifer Naidoo
Dr David Mungo Thompson


Dr David Mungo Thompson 


033-897 3050 



Greys Hospital, Pietermaritzburg 

Research Interests

Blount’s disease, coxa vara, hip arthrodesis, differential growth potential of physes, late club feet and others 


Orthopaedic specialist 

 Biosketch Graduate UCT 1972
Glasgow FRCS 1979
Training Posts in Edinburgh, KEH, Nottingham.
Full-time consultant KEH, Addington and KGeorge 1980 and 1981
Private practice Pietermaritzburg from 1982 with part-time commitments at Edendale, Greys and Northdale.
In full-time paediatric orthopaedics in PMB from 2010 to now.

List of Publications

  1. Bertie J, Thompson D, Beighton P. Cleidocranial dysplasia presenting as familial coza vara in a South African Family.  SA Orthop J 2011;10(2):34-38
  2. Thompson D, Smit R, Ghimenton F, Mahomva O, Annamalai M. Neonatal compartment syndrome of the forearm.  SA OrthopJ 2012;11(2):39-42
  3. Bertie J Beighton P and Thompson D.The Torg-Winchester form of hereditary osteolysis; orthopaedic manifestations management. SA Orthop J 2013 vol12. No 2
  4. Posters at SAOA congress 2013
  5. Posters at SAOS annual congress 2011 and 2012
  6. Papers at SAOA 2013 ‘The use of LCP hip plate in Coxa Vara’
  7. Paper at SAPOS April 2014 Instructional course JHB ‘Developmental Coxa Vara’
  8. Paper at SAOA congress 2013 ‘Preliminary results of hip arthrodesis in a paediatric population’with P. Mare
  9. JJ Craig Eponymous Lecture’Early-onset Blount’s disease to SAOA congress Cape Town 2014

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