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Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)

Learning Objectives

-          The primary objective is to acquire the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes required in order to manage orthopaedic patients at general practitioner level.

-          Particular emphasis is placed on orthopaedics in the South African clinical setting and the use of a problem-oriented approach.

-          The aim is to facilitate learning in a patient-centered environment that facilitates situated learning by making the learner part of the community of practice. This is achieved by the legitimate participation of the trainee in the clinical environment in a student-intern model. The situated learning theory also supports the concept of “scaffolding” where the learner is supported by a tutor that places them in the so-called “zone of proximal development” where the student is able to progress in problem solving through interaction with more experienced peers.


-          3rd Year: Integrated Approach to Illness, Cardinal Symptoms of Disease (CMED3IC)

-          4th Year: Integrated Acute Care (CMED4A)

-          5th Year: Integrated Surgical Practice 1 (CMED5SP)

-          6th Year: Integrated Surgical Practice 2 (CMED6IS)



-          Information for prospective students available here

-          Learning resources available on Learn@UKZN

Undergraduate Programme Coordinator

Dr Arushka Naidoo


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